Registration «4th Swiss Orthogeriatrics Day» 2022

Register online now for the 3rd Swiss Orthogeriatrics Day in Zurich on October 27, 2021.  The event will definitely take place in some format, although depending on the pandemic situation at the time, it may be an exclusively virtual event (online streaming, programme without workshops). However we hope, and are planning, to hold a face-to-face event similar to the last meetings (workshops with a limited number of participants). A hybrid event is another possibility (online streaming, limited number of participants on site, including workshops). The fees have been set to reflect a virtual meeting; the price will not change if the form of the event changes, and participants will not be entitled to reimbursements.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Register for Swiss Orthogeriatrics Day 2021

If you have any queries regarding your registration, please contact the registration office:

VIVA Management GmbH
Kramgasse 16
CH-3011 Bern

Telephone +41 31 311 74 34
Fax +41 31 311 74 37


Congress fees

The fee for taking part in the convention is CHF 150.

Cancellations: In case of cancellation, the entire registration fee will be charged.

Your questions are our questions!

When registering online, you will find a text field for your questions and suggestions. This gives you a unique opportunity to send your questions to the speakers in advance of the symposium, or to suggest topics for the 2022 meeting. Use this interactive opportunity to take an active role in designing our meeting – we can’t wait to see what you come up with!